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A Writer’s Alphabet … F is for: Fellowship

03 Aug Posted by in Inspiration | 3 comments

Bet you thought I was going to say fiction, or friendship, or Facebook. Nope. This post is all about fellowship.

I love this word. When I hear it my mind conjures up church picnics and people gathering to mingle and share. Packs a lot of punch, this word. By definition it means:  friendly relationship; companionship; a community of interest.

That’s what we are … a community of people with like interests. We are writers who love to fellowship with other writers. But we don’t draw a line in the dirt and tell others not to cross it. Instead, we write stories hoping that our story will be the one that will draw in a reluctant reader, an “almost” writer – someone who would love to write but is too afraid to venture out into the publishing world. We encourage. That’s what fellowship is all about. Encouraging others. Sharing our joys. Helping one another shoulder disappointments and learning from each other. Fellowship is a wondrous thing.

ACFW-Arkansas is fellowship heaven. Where else in our little corner of the world can a writer find others who are willing to come-a-runnin’ when one of us is in trouble? Our non-writing friends want to help, but they can’t. They scratch their heads when we mumble to ourselves about how to get our character out of a mess. They can’t (or would rahhhhther not) follow us as we follow people around in the mall. They simply don’t comprehend that we MUST memorize everything about that person because that person IS the main character in our next project. Friends are wonderful, but writing friends are heaven sent. They are our fellow confidants. The people we fellowship with.

I’m grateful for the fellowship we share in our organization. I’m appreciative of all the help offered to me. Mostly, though, I’m humbled by the graciousness of God for bestowing us with this gift of writing and the added bonus of fellowship.

Have a wonderful week, fellowship friends!

  1. Sheila Covey08-23-11

    Awesome post, Debbie 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I agree with you–our “writerly” fellowship creates a smile that starts on the inside and spreads outward! Love all you people 🙂

  2. Debbie08-28-11

    So glad you liked it. : )

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