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All in our Places, with Bright Shiny Faces

25 Feb Posted by in Author News | 4 comments
All in our Places, with Bright Shiny Faces


Looking for a diversion from the Weather Reports? What are our bright shiny faces up to? See if you can identify the members of our Chapter based on their latest news:
1. Working on the First Draft of a Long story, during much success with shorter romances.
2. Now tweeting about her own Quilt book and creating a kid’s book.
3. Coordinating with National to keep our chapter up to date.
4. Finishing a non-fiction project, heading to a conference just north of us.
5. Entering multiple contests, waiting for accolades to start rolling in.
6. Writing thoughtful posts, singing her own beautiful songs.
7. Increasing social media presence, starting mother/daughter ministry.
8. Lunching with a famous author.
9. Delighting friends by resurfacing at meeting, following God’s pathway for her fiction.
10. Recently signed with an agent- preparing our retreat program.
11. New member- writing treasure hunting story.
12. Brand new member- already successful in indie publishing.
13. Posting every week about our fabulous chapter!

  1. Debbie02-25-15

    Great post and LOTS of fun. You nailed EVERYBODY!

  2. Cindy Loven02-25-15

    Great Post, I think I have us all placed with our descriptions. Although some of them might fit more than one person *smile*

  3. Jenny Carlisle02-25-15

    One important addition: #14: our behind the scenes blog site expert. Thanks LNF!

  4. Nichole Hall02-28-15

    I absolutely LOVE this! Great job!

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