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Are you following the WRITE destiny?

Are you following the WRITE destiny?

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Photo Credit: - ecowan

Photo Credit: – ecowan

When I was young, writing was a chore. It was simply a grade, and usually a bad one at that. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a writer. I have experienced what Beth Moore calls a Reversal of Destiny. Basically it’s when the Lord uses a hardship in your life or takes something you’re terrible at and changes you to better serve His kingdom, either through your hardship or by making you proficient at the terrible task.

For me, that task wasn’t only writing, but reading. I hated to read, almost as much as I hated to write. No book on the planet held my interest. With reports due I’d find the movie, if there was one, and watch it to complete my assignment. And if there wasn’t? I’m ashamed to say, I’d read the back of the book and write a report, usually making it up as I went, praying the teacher hadn’t read the book.

So what changed?

I’ll tell you. My sister called me one day and said, “There’s a book series I really think you’d like, if you’ll give it a chance.”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s about a boy who is a wizard. He just doesn’t know he’s a wizard. And when he finds out, he has to learn how to become the wizard he is destined to be.”

“Why would I wanna read about that?”

That was our basic conversation. Then 3 months later, I watched the first of the Harry Potter movies. I was hooked. I had to know more. I needed to know more. The intrigue killed me, so I went out and bought the first book (because why would I buy the whole series when I’d never read even ONE book in its entirety?).

That’s when it happened. I read the book from start to finish. In. One. Day. Not only had I achieved a monumental accomplishment, but I surpassed any reading goals I’d ever made (and let’s get real, there weren’t that many). I rushed out to buy book two, and within a week I read books 1-4 (the only ones published at the time).

Experiencing what I would call a Reading Awakening, the desire to learn sparked as I searched through classic books I lied about reading in my past. As I read and read, the desire to write sprung to life.

A story formed in my mind and my fingers flew to the keyboard, finishing my first novel in four months. Needless to say passive verbs littered the pages and it lacked structure. Those were my first footsteps into the ocean of writing. After 5 years of wading in the shallow end, I’m now hovering over the edge where the dirt starts to slide out from under my feet and I’m learning to swim in the big deep blue.

It’s hard. But if the Lord can turn a girl who hated to read into a writer and help her find the way to publication, to serve in His kingdom, then He can do the same for you.

Question: What turned you on to writing or reading? Have you experienced a reversal of destiny?

  1. Debbie Archer04-05-13

    LOVE this post but dont see the authors name! Who
    Do I thank for this awesome article?

  2. Nichole Hall04-05-13

    That’s me Deb! Thanks so much for saying so. I can’t believe I forgot to sign my name. This is the first time I’ve posted on a group blog and so I’m used to my readers knowing that it’s me!

  3. Jenny Carlise04-06-13

    My destiny has never been reversed, just delayed. That’s been a big ajustment for me. God had lots of other things for me to do before he allowed me to really follow my heart.
    What a great post, Nichole. As a future author, I would love nothing more than to influence someone the way the Harry Potter series affected you.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

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