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ACFW-Arkansas Christmas Celebration 2013

25 Nov Posted by in Meetings | 3 comments
ACFW-Arkansas Christmas Celebration 2013

Save the date: Saturday, Dec. 14, 1:00 p.m.

Location: White County Library Administration Building (Where we have all of our Searcy meetings)

Bring: Your favorite holiday snack item- and a Christmas ornament for the person whose name you have drawn.

AND . . . . This writing Assignment!!! It’s got all the things Christian writers love- Creativity, Personalization- and Deadlines!!
Your job- write a short something- poem, short story, etc. for the above mentioned member of our group.(person whose name you have drawn)
We drew names at the November meeting, but if you weren’t there, don’t panic. We can work that out. Just keep reading . . . LOL.
In order to give each other a clue about what to write- please complete the following short questionnaire if you plan to be at the December 14 party:
(If you are not going to be there, please let us know that too, but no need to answer these questions.)
      • 1.    Name (and pen name if applicable):
      • 2.   Usual genre for your own writing:
      • 3.  What you love to read:
      • 4. Holiday themed item on your “bucket list”  (money is not an object☺):
      • 5. Any other comments about likes/dislikes:
Now- Here’s the deadline part: We must have these responses by Friday,  December 6, 2013.
That way, we can re-distribute names if you didn’t get a chance to draw one, or if your person won’t be able to be at the party. And, we will all have time to be creative in coming up with a special gift for one of our members.
So, please get busy- fill out this questionnaire and reply as soon as possible.
If you have questions- please Jenny know.
ACFW AR Christmas 2013
  1. Lisa M. Collins11-26-13

    Each person brings an ornament (who wants to participate) $5 or less…and they have to write a poem or short (flash) story about the person whose name they drew. Then we all try to figure out who that person is from the words.

  2. Lisa M. Collins11-26-13

    if you want to come and do not have a name please email us using the contact link.

  3. Debbie Sheetrum12-06-13

    I’m afraid I may not be able to be there Saturday. My dad isn’t doing well and has to have more tests done. I will be in Tennessee with my parents. Please pray for him. If I get back i’ll try to come by.

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