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Don’t Wear Yourself Out Over It

Don’t Wear Yourself Out Over It

The first several times I attended ACFW, I was determined to wring every penny’s worth out of my conference experience. Every kernel of knowledge, every opening to network, every opportunity to pitch. And I exhausted myself.

In 2008, I rode to Minneapolis with Linda and vowed to do different. I searched out times to rest and relax. It still took me a week to recover, but I wasn’t quite as tired and I learned more. And even with my more relaxed approach, that was the year I sold.

So, here are my tips to keep from exhausting yourself:

1.  Buy the conference syllabus. It’s only $15.00. You get all the handouts even for classes you didn’t sign up for. So if you are running on empty, you can skip a class and rest.

2.  If there really aren’t any classes at a certain time that pique your interest, stay in your room and rest. Just be sure you don’t miss mine 🙂

3.  Skip breakfast and sleep in. This is my favorite, since I’m not a morning person and the conference keeps inhumane hours.

4.  Hang out in the lobby only one night. Yes, that’s where the big names hang out, but if you’re tired, go to bed.

5.  Skip lunch or supper and get some rest. I know the food is free, but can you really eat that much? I’m always stuffed to distraction at conference. You can always get a salad from somewhere, go to your room and chill. I even skipped the awards banquet one year. I felt more rested and my roommate told me all about it, so I felt like I was there.

6.  Coffee. I don’t know if it’s planned that way, but every ACFW Conference I’ve been to had a Starbuck’s in the hotel. It’s been a livesaver. Not a coffee drinker, suck it up and drink it anyway. Try a really sweet, cold coffee for a jolt to get your through the day.

7.  Visit the prayer room. I’ve been to the point of not being able to take another step and found renewal in the prayer room. I’ve found it helps immeasurably to visit there before appointments.

Yes, you’re paying a lot of money to go to ACFW. Yes, it’s chock full of opportunities to jump on. But, you’ll be better able to market yourself and grasp those brass rings if you’re not running on empty.

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