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I Don’t Wanna Write Today

19 May Posted by in Inspiration, Writing Life | Comments
I Don’t Wanna Write Today


Do you hear the whine? Some days that is me, I am like a two-year-old child who doesn’t want to take a nap. I am whiny and ill-tempered about doing something I love to do, and that is tell stories. Do you have days like this? What do you do to jump start your attitude? Because we must face it, this is an attitude issue.

Here are a few things I do to jumpstart me and my attitude. I, first pray and repent of my bad attitude, gotta get that one right. Then I start doing things that inspire me. Reading books in my genre, watching cartoons or kids movies (I write children’s books.) Playing a game that you might only associate with childhood. I Spy, Chutes and Ladders, Mother-May-I, pop into my mind. Another thing I often do is take a nap. I could be rest deprived and just need a nap like a toddler, plus some of the best ideas come as I drop off to sleep.  Have you tried all of these type things and you still find yourself uninspired and cranky?  What should you do? What I do is sit down and discuss my writing with a friend, or meditate on my motivation for writing. Is this my story or did God give it to me to share? That always helps me to get focused, most of us know that our stories come from God. When I lose my focus, drawing near Him brings it back into view.

My final thought I want to leave you with is, sometimes it is okay that you might not write every day. Allow yourself that freedom. God doesn’t want our giftings to bring bondage to our lives. Be free in Christ. Write your story. Remember, always have some good cheese with that w(h)ine. *Smile*


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