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Jennifer Miller

Hi. My name is Jenny Miller.   I grew up in a small town in Arkansas that no one has ever heard about. Judsonia, AR. I live on the family farm with my parents, older sister, younger brother, two dogs, a horse, about 30 head of cattle, 80acres, and a garden that manages to grow more tomatoes than an army can ever hope to eat in a year.

When I was ten, I decided to become a novelist and I’ve been writing ever since. The road to publication hasn’t been easy. I’m not published yet, but I got my bachelors in English in 2008 and have won a few local contests. I joined American Christian Fiction Writers in November of 2010 and soon after decided to open this blog. If you’re interested, the Arkansas chapter of ACFW can be found here.

Even though I’ve been writing a long time, I still have yet to figure out what genre I want to write. I write primarily young adult fantasy, though I’ve dabbled in romance, sci-fi, historical and a little bit of biographical. I’ve even tried my hand at western. I figure that by the time I get published I’ll have figured out the answer to that problem. That’s kinda necessary, you know.

While I’m waiting to get published, I work at a local hotel as a front desk clerk. While not the best paying job, the hotel business has got its good points. I get to meet all sorts of people and travelers, and I run into all sorts of problems which will definitely make it on to this blog. They may even one day make it into one of my books. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but the hotel provides good fodder.

I’m not one much for travel, and I believe that vacations spots are only as good as the people who go with you. For fun, you can find me hanging with friends, being with my family, watching movies, reading and reading and reading . . . oh, and playing the violin in the local community orchestra. I’ve been playing violin for nearly as long as I’ve been writing, and I’m hard pressed to say which one I like more.

I’m also a regular attendance at our local church, Bethel Grove, where our family has attended for generations. My faith is very important to me, and so my writing has strict standards. Now, I don’t really write speculative fiction or Christian Fiction, though I’ve thought about it, and what I do write is never preachy. But I don’t do erotica and when I write romance I avoid the sex scenes. Good stories can be written without it, in my opinion. And I keep foul language to an absolute minimum.

You will find my faith best expressed when I write my Scriptures for Dealing articles. For more about this project and others, check out The Project Cache.

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller