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Looking For The WRITE TIME

25 Apr Posted by in How-To Articles | 8 comments
Looking For The WRITE TIME

Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.  ~William Penn

Do you have a writing schedule that works?

I’ve been following the blog, Routine for Writers. Frequently, this site features authors who share their writing routine and how they manage to fit it in with their “other” life.

Finding a routine that works is a struggle. In order to get anything accomplished, I must use a calendar and make daily lists. But fierce competition goes head-to-head between what I want to do—write, and what I have to do—work, and then there is family.

Always looking for a solution, I’ve read many books and blogs and taken classes on how to balance my writing life with work and family. All these different methods work reasonably well for a short period, but sadly none worked for long.

However, as a pessimistic optimist, I’m still searching!

•    What works for you?
•    Do you work from a strict schedule or just wing-it?
•    Have you created a proven method that keeps you on track?
•    If you fall out of the pattern, how do you get back in the routine again?

I believe this is a challenge for all writers. Please share how you manage time for your writing career.

  1. Carolyn Boyles04-25-11

    I typically write at night, when my husband is watching TV.

  2. Jenny Carlisle04-26-11

    Having a deadline of some kind works well for me, but now and then I miss them! I try to take a few minutes before going to work each morning to accomplish something- either a few lines on my WIP, or posting a blog. Now that I am seeing my writing as my future job- I am a little more motivated, and seem to carve out more time to do what’s needed.

  3. Sheila Covey04-27-11

    Thanks Jenny for your comment! Having a deadline forces me to stay on task, but I find I make more mistakes–like funky commas in the middle of a sentence. At the last minute, I start changing things and move parts of sentences around leaving the comma in weird places . . . along with other glaring errors that I fail to see. 🙁

  4. Sheila Covey05-02-11

    Carolyn, I try to write while my hubby watches TV,too, but he wants to talk to me at every keystroke! If I go to my office, he complains that he might as well be living by himself. Currently, I’m trying to write an hour before I go to work. Today, I go to work at a later hour, and I had hoped to get some editing done, but hubby is back home–all roads leading to his place of work are flooded and/or closed. :/ One day I will master my time. *LOL* I appreciate your comment!

  5. Debbie Archer05-06-11

    My mind doesn’t click into writing mode until evening. It kicks into high gear about ten o’clock. The only problem with that is I have to get up and go to school the next morning, so staying up until three in the morning sooooooooooooooooo doesn’t work well. I remember Bobbye Smith saying that it’s impossible to change the writer’s clock. I have tried, but I think she’s right. I simply write better at night, and I enjoy it more. It’s like it’s more intense. Great topic, Sheila!

  6. Sheila Covey05-07-11

    Debbie, I think we were separated at birth! I’m definitely a night person trying to live a morning world. Hits 10 o’clock and I start thinking about what I want to do, but if I let myself go there, then I am not going to get any sleep. I have to get up at 5am. Wonder if it would work if I set an alarm to tell me I need to stop & get myself off-to-bed? Might give that a try. I have figured out that I can send emails in the morning, but writing early a.m. isn’t working so much for me. I’m bad at losing track of time and I’m terrified I’ll forget about going to work.

  7. Lisa Collins05-07-11

    Sheila and Debbie you are my soul sisters…I am a night person. There I said it. It is out in the open. My writing juice gets going around 9-10pm and can roll right on through to dawn. But like most working aspiring authors I have to get up with the son to “make the doughnuts.” I have started writing at lunch. I make myself write something. It doesn’t have to be long or even something about my WIP…just as long as I wrote something. At first it was difficult to get into “writer mode” during the day, but I decided that I was going to learn to do it. Now after 6 months of “writing” at lunch I can finally say that I really do get some writing done. I just kept going at it, even if I only wrote one sentence! I would make it the best crafted sentence possible. I looked at it this way: I am one sentence closer to my dream of writing full time.

    • Sheila Covey05-07-11

      Wow–it’s so great to have such awesome “night writer” sisters! I know I struggle trying to find a writing schedule that fits ME–but I’m going to keep working on it. I’m so glad both you fine ladies have found yours. Keep it up! Lisa thanks for sharing your writing schedule. 🙂

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