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My Conference List

This is for the newbies attending their first ACFW conference in less than a month. I’ve compiled a list of things to take, things to remember, and things to calm nerves.

Things to take to conference:

     1.     One Sheet: On as many finished projects as you have.

     2.     Proposal: The editor or agent may never ask to see it, but you’ll feel more confident that you have it.

     3.     1st Chapter: Just in case.

     4.     Extra outfit: In case of spills or other mishaps.

     5.     Comfortable shoes: But still cute.

     6.     Outfit that makes you feel fabulous for the awards banquet: Our chance to play dress up and we’re marketing ourselves.

     7.    Tylenol PM or Benadryl: To help you sleep when wound and stressed.

Things to remember about yourself:

     1.    You’re not the only pre-published writer at the conference.

     2.    You’re not the worst writer at the conference.

     3.    You’re not the least knowledgeable writer at the conference.

 Things to remember about agents and editors:

     1.     They’re just people.

     2.     They’re looking for the next great writer and hope you’re it.

     3.     They’re looking for the next great book and hope yours is it.

     4.     They get nervous and tongue-tied too.

     5.     They get tired and stressed too.

Conference Aids:

      1.    God: This a no brainer—He’s always there just waiting to hear from you.

      2.    The Prayer Room.

So, don’t stress. Relax and have fun. Soak in the atmosphere of hundreds of writers all focused on God and enjoy yourself.

  1. Illene Stewart08-28-11

    Shannon: I have been to two ACFW meetings in Searcy. Thanks for steering me toward this group. I love this gaggle of Christian women. I’m also following your advice to write an hour each morning before going to work. The writing is slow, but progress is being made. My plan is to attend the ACFW conference in 2012. You and the information from your class have encouraged me so much!

  2. Jenny Carlisle08-28-11

    Hope everyone has a wonderful time at the conference. I’ll never forget my first one in Nashville. Like Illeene, I hope to join all of you next year!

  3. Shannon Taylor Vannatter08-29-11

    So glad you checked out the group. Awesome! See you in Dallas. I’m proud of you for taking your writing seriously.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you in Dallas too.

  4. Pamela Stephens09-06-11

    Thank you for your helpful hints and reminders! That takes the stress out! 🙂

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