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07 Nov Posted by in Writing Tips | 7 comments

NaNoWriMo—Did you take the challenge? Are you ahead, right on track, or getting behind? So far, I’ve been all three. Last year I tried this, and after the first night I felt like a WWII fighter plane that had been hit and was taking a nosedive to earth. But I’d not created a plan, or thought, or made any preparation for the venture. I started with only a germ of an idea.
This year, I started with an outline and a plan. My goal—to keep moving forward.
And there are some really great things about NaNoWriMo. One is you are not alone, and you can win prizes, but most of all if you push yourself you’ll have written somewhere between a portion of a story and maybe, just maybe you’ll have a novel that is ready for editing—all in a month! How cool is that?
Even if you don’t do any better than I did last year (I finished with a story that I can develop into a complete novel), you will have more than you did before you started.
My advice: Stick With It. And challenge yourself that next year you will accomplish even more.

  1. Illene Stewart11-08-11

    I’m gonna have to call myself a NaNo drop out. Couldn’t pull it together this year. Maybe next year when I’m retired.

  2. Sheila11-08-11

    Illene, have you thought about staying with it and seeing how much you can write over the whole month–even a paragraph or two each night? With this NaNo–The 2nd or 3rd night when I got off work, I was exhausted–tried to do too much, so I went home, ate, took a hot, hot bubble bath and went to bed. I never even opened my laptop. The next day, I felt better. And I’ve had several days were my count was not so great, but I’ve decided to be persistent. Think about it 🙂

  3. Lisa Collins11-08-11

    Come on Go Go! Stay with us!

  4. Illene Stewart11-14-11

    Thanks for the encouragement from my sorority sisters. Our sorority is Ima Writa Booka. (IWB)

  5. Sheila11-14-11

    Illene–a sorority–what fun! Now what will we do with the guys in the group? *LOL*

    • Illene Stewart11-14-11

      My sorority had “beaus”. We could start a new trend. We might even slip them into the dorm.

  6. Sheila Covey11-14-11

    Illene–You are a hoot:)

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