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Preparing for Conference

11 Jul Posted by in Workshops | 5 comments
Preparing for Conference

On Saturday, we began our special meetings for the preparation to the ACFW conference in Saint Louis, Missouri this September. Our focus was preparing our pitch for agents and editors that we are meeting or might get the opportunity to meet. Kimberly Buckner, our president, is doing an excellent job presenting the material. We are going step-by-step, using our summaries/synopsis to help create our pitch.

This method also helps eliminate any holes in the summary or synopsis.

At our next meeting, July 23, we are going to bring the pitches we have prepared, share them, and then work on making them better.

We are also going to meet again August 13 and August 27 to learn about one sheets, and to discuss what to expect at conference.

Whether or not you are going, these meetings will be invaluable to you as a writer. And if you are going, you have already put time as well as money into this venture.

Why not go truly prepared for this one?

Come join us for fellowship and fun, and, of course, learning more about the craft of writing.

You will be glad you came.

  1. Debbie Archer07-13-11

    I think I can do a better pitch if I have chocolate in my mouth. Calms the nerves. Of course, I guess I shouldn’t do that the actual day of the appt. I guess it wouldn’t look very professional for brownie crumbs to be sticking to my chin, huh?

  2. Jenni Duncan08-22-11

    I am a new member of the Arkansas chapter and can’t go to the September conference (maybe next year). I’m not sure I can get there by 1 p.m. & it’s my first time to find the meeting spot. Will it matter if I arrive around 1:30, and will you still be talking about pitches? I’d like to listen in on that.

  3. Jenni Duncan08-22-11

    Is the workshop in Searcy?

  4. Sheila Covey08-23-11

    Hi Jenni! Yes, we are meeting in Searcy and it’s okay to show up late 🙂 We know everyone is really busy, and many live quite a distance from Searcy. Bring your pitch with you! Have you received your invitation to join our ACFW-Arkansas loop? I’m really looking forward to meeting you! Let me know if you need more info about the meeting.

  5. Sheila Covey08-23-11

    Ahhh . . . the sound of CHOCOLATE . . . Debbie, last time I heard your pitch–it was good with or without the chocolate 🙂

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