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Sailing Under Sealed Orders

23 Apr Posted by in Inspiration | 1 comment
Sailing Under Sealed Orders

Hebrews 11:8 tells us that by faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to “go out” into a far off land and receive a blessing and inheritance.  He didn’t know where he was going, but he believed the God who was calling him.  He leaned upon the Promiser, not just on the promises.  Abraham had unwavering confidence that true to His Word, he would arrive safely.

Do I “go in obedience, not knowing”?  What is my focus? Is it on the daily struggles or seeming trial I am going through, with little evidence of the outcome?   Or is my focus on the One who holds my future?  The One who appoints my course?  During the era of World War II, war ships from our coasts left the docks under sealed orders.  No one knew for certain their destination ultimately.  They sailed believing they had an appointment somewhere “out there” of great importance, which was awaiting them; perhaps to be heroes and face the enemy at sea, or be the support for others awaiting them to rescue them!

Our Spiritual lives are like that in a way.  Standing on the shore, God calls us and we have answered his call; we have asked him into our heart.  Now he will lead us and direct us.  We may be of the opinion that WE have a plan for our lives and how it will go, but after we have set sail, we realize that HE has a plan for us; it may be entirely different than we had imagined it would be.  In effect, we have set sail on our journey with God, “under sealed orders.” We know our Captain, but not the route.  We must release our own plan; edit it, add to it, or perhaps even tear it up, and start from the beginning again.  Sailing with God’s plan means trusting Him and resting in the fact that He can get us safely to our destination without our interference.

Lord, You aren’t done with any of us, yet!  We are in the process of becoming what you’d have us to be.  You designed us and the specific plan for our life.  We can squirm, and struggle to avoid and escape the pressure or pain of the “process.”  But when we realize, it is the very hand of God upon us to mold us and “finish and complete us” we must stop squirming and trust you to bring about Your desired end.  Often we just want to stop the discomfort, the difficult circumstance and the emotional pain that it can bring.  Lord help me to endure with joy and expectation what you are working out in my life, even when it just looks dark and bleak.  Help me to see your hand and be thankful; lead me to praise you every day, no matter what color the sky looks at that moment and wherever you lead me! Amen!