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“This Thing is From Me” by Pamela Stephens

21 Mar Posted by in Inspiration | 10 comments
“This Thing is From Me” by Pamela Stephens

Perspective.  Vantage Point.  Focus.  Several years ago someone changed my viewpoint on struggles, trials and even on conversations with someone who wanted to “set you straight” or “share what the Lord had told them” was just for me.  Instead of focusing on the event, the stress, and the “fix,” she challenged me to look at these things as coming directly from the Lord.  Imagine Jesus saying “This thing is from Me.”

You mean that difficult person who always has a sour word for everyone?  What about the pink slip that wasn’t deserved?  Or even the financial development that I had zero control over?  Consider that the Lord has a bigger plan than just me?  (Which reminds me of a Charles Schultz’ cartoon one Sunday, which had Lucy on a swing and Charlie Brown pushing her, listening to her rant!  After a time Charlie says, “You know Lucy, the world doesn’t revolve around you!!!”  And she says, “Why not??”)  Perhaps when such events occur, and they do—we need to get some PERSPECTIVE, a new vantage point!  We need to lift our eyes up (beyond our own belly button) and think about some questions other than “Why me.”

There are several blog writers that I especially enjoy and learn so much from, but in particular Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He shares a similar story about a hard lesson when he lost an author to another publishing company.  He struggled with questions about the “why” and what he had done or hadn’t done to cause this.   Listen to Michael Hyatt’s suggestions here:

“I learned a valuable lesson: the answers we get are often determined by the questions we ask. If we ask bad questions, we will get bad answers. If we ask better questions—empowering questions—we will get better answers. If you are going through a difficult, uncertain time, here are seven better questions you can ask yourself and your team:

 What if this isn’t the end but a new beginning?

 What if the answer to my prayer is just over the next hill?

 What if this is necessary in order for me to be prepared for the next important chapter in my life?

 What if God knows exactly what I need at this particular time?

 What if God is speaking to me through means I would not have chosen for a blessing I cannot see?

 What does this experience make possible?

 What will I be telling my grandchildren that I learned was so valuable in this season of my life?”
Considering Michael’s questions above, how would you answer each one?  “This thing is from ME.”  Will you trust Him with it? Trust Him for the coping skills, and the Perspective to view it as He intends?


  1. Jamie Adams03-22-11

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. Romans 8:28 comes to mind ‘all things work together for good…” it helps to remember this when times are hard or we don’t understand why something is happening.

  2. Jenny Carlisle03-23-11

    We often look back on things that have happened, but sometimes it’s good to step back and think about it While it’s happening. Thanks for a great blog!

  3. Pamela Stephens03-23-11

    Glad you two enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. Shannon Taylor Vannatter03-23-11

    Great insight, Pamela. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sheila Covey03-25-11

    Perfect message for me today. Thanks for your post, Pamela.

  6. Debbie Archer03-27-11

    I’ve read so many wonderful posts, but I have to share this with you, Pam. This one I will print off and keep near my desk. The dark days when I can’t find answers to my why questions won’t seem so daunting with this post beside me. Thank you, Pam. Wonderful and appreciated.

    • Pamela Stephens03-28-11

      Debbie: Thank you so much…you are so kind to let me know that God is using it to encourage you! I’ll be praying HIS answers will be your focus and perspective! My life themes seem to revolve around that…because I need His perspective..I am myopic left to my own! 🙂 Bless you!

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