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Taming the Social Media Dragon: Twitter

17 Mar Posted by in How-To Articles | Comments
Taming the Social Media Dragon: Twitter

We have all been told that you need a social media platform in order to get the word out about our writing. So we blog, we Facebook, we tweet, we Pin, we Tumblr, we this and that until our head spins. Often I’m asked at meetings and in personal correspondence my opinion on what social media sites are really necessary.

The answer to the first question is fairly simple. You need some type of social media presence, but which networks might work for you could be very different. All social media sites are not for everyone. Some are difficult to navigate or make it harder to find people who are looking for what you write.

For some of us more introverted writers we just want to slink into our writing cave and be left alone. I understand; I really do. So what to do, where to be, and what to say?

Try Twitter. Why? It has an easy set up, you get to be short, sweet and to the point, and a lot of people around the world are on there. There is a move by one of the more elusive age groups (15-30) to Twitter. That age group is important too…they are the audience for novels. This is the age group that will grow with you as you produce your body of work, and keeping up with where they are is integral to a meaningful social media experience.

Go get a twitter account. Twitter has simple set up and is straight forward on the navigation. Click Here for complete instructions with screenshots on how to set up your Twitter account.



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