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Unique Opportunities

Unique Opportunities

With my White series set in Romance and Rosebud, Arkansas, I could just run up the road and have a book signing just about anywhere. The Rambler Cafe, the restaurant where my characters ate. Lunch drew people in. The Romance Waterfalls featured in all three books. Seeing the falls drew people in. The Darden Gifford House, the big house in Rose Bud, featured in book three. Touring the house drew people in.

With my Rodeo series, unique opportunities aren’t as numerous. The books are set in TX. In AR, I’ve had signings at stores, which is great. But I’ve learned sometimes the most successful signings aren’t in stores. I traveled to Aubrey, TX once for a signing since my books are set in the area. The signing was great, and I researched too, so I killed two books with one trip. But a trip like that is expensive, seven hours away, and it cost more than I made, even though I sold lots of books.

So, where can I find unique opportunities to sell books not based in Arkansas or anywhere near?

*  Speaking Engagements

I’ve spoken at several schools. I share my publication journey with high school students. Teachers buy books.

I’ve taught how to write a short stories to elementary students. Teachers buy books.

I’ve taught at several writers conferences. Writers are readers.

I’ve spoken to several community organizations. Some in attendance were readers.

I’ve spoken at several libraries. Some library patrons are also book buyers.

I’ve shared my publication journey at colleges to a couple of college clubs. Lots of college students are readers.

* Rodeos

I recently got contact info on a local rodeo and plan to check with to see if I could have a booth at the rodeo. Who better to market to than people who love rodeos?

Most of the rodeos in my series take place at the Fort Worth Stockyards. It didn’t work out to be there when I traveled to Aubrey, but I’m supposed to contact the director of sales the next time I’m in the area.

* Outdoor Festivals

One of my most successful signings out of my area was at an outdoor festival featuring authors and artists. Especially the one where they set me up near the outhouse. It was a big draw and people had to walk by me to get there. I cracked jokes about the outhouse being more interesting than my books and people stopped to browse. Lots of sales resulted.

* The Cowboy Church

Our church is part of an association of 13 churches. We meet monthly at a different church each time, eat because we’re Baptists, hear about our mission efforts, and enjoy a sermon. One of the churches in our association is a cowboy church. The kind where they wear jeans and hats to church services held in a sale barn and go on a trail ride afterward. What better place to find readers for rodeo books. I’m still praying about it. But I’m considering asking if I can have a signing there some Saturday and donate part of my proceeds to the building program since they’re raising funds to build a church.

* Nonprofit Groups

I donated a percentage of my proceeds to a group who gathers volunteers as advocates for children in the foster care system.

I’ve offered to donate a percentage of proceeds to several nonprofit organizations and am on their list to tap for future fundraising events.

Sometimes, you have to be creative to get your name out there. Especially as a new author. Go where the readers are. Sell those books. If each reader tells two friends, you’re on your way.




  1. Lisa Collins05-03-12

    These are great ideas…now what can I do…I need to put my noodle to work!

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