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Waiting to Launch

Waiting to Launch

I stand at the end of the road- Sunrise Point. My hang-glider is almost ready. I chose this mode of travel because it suits my purpose better than parachuting from an airplane. I’ll be sailing out over what is now familiar territory. I’ve talked to experts, befriended people who have been there, learned to identify with those waiting on the ground to watch my journey. I’m in constant contact with my Heavenly Father, the wind beneath my wings.

So what keeps me from jumping off? I still need just a little more work on my vehicle- my proposal.
Here’s what I have so far:
1. A manuscript that has come from my heart, except for the very last scene and the most important two words: THE END.
2. A professional edit from a trusted co-conspirator, except for the last two chapters.
3. A one-page summary of the above.
4. A great idea for a new business platform that will include speaking engagements to promote the above.
5. A handbook with the list of items needed for a professional proposal.
6. A conference coming up in September with the potential to have the attention of an agent for at least 15 minutes.
Say a prayer for me, I’m approaching the ledge with confidence!!

  1. Jenny Miller06-18-12

    Good luck girl!

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