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What Do Writers Have in Common with Cats?

29 Aug Posted by in Inspiration | 5 comments
What Do Writers Have in Common with Cats?

What do writers have in common with cats?
Writers have an insatiable curiosity
•    We study what goes on around us. Cats study the territory around them.
•    We listen to other peoples’ conversations. Cats listen to birds chirping and mice skittering through the grass.
•    We study the world around us. Cats prowl and check out everything that moves.
•    We research, and research, and research. Cats test surfaces, containers, and noises.
Writers are focused when engaged in story
•    We concentrate on dialogue as cats concentrate on birds hopping and tweeting, nearby.
•    We plot as cats stalk.
•    We’re in the moment of our story as cats hone in on their prey.
•    We calculate our characters’ surroundings as cats note the brush, the ground, and the trees where their prey is busying eating.
Writers are determined
•    Like cats, we are on a mission.
•    Like cats, we prepare.
•    Like cats, we plan to succeed.
•    Like cats, we never give up!

  1. Jenny Carlisle08-31-11

    And sometimes, we just want to be left alone. Ha!

  2. Sheila Covey08-31-11

    *LOL* –Jenny, you are sooo right!

  3. Lisa Collins08-31-11

    The great WRITE hunter stalks her prey…Down goes the split-infitive with a swipe of her massive paw!

  4. Sheila Covey08-31-11

    *hehe* Lisa, you go Write ahead stalking & swiping 🙂

  5. Illene Stewart09-05-11

    I love cats. I have one that allows me to live with her. She is my role model for independence.

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