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When Your Writing Needs a Miracle

When Your Writing Needs a Miracle

Priscilla Shirer shares in her Bible study, Breathe: “Miracles. Every single one of them is astounding, shocking, and overwhelming. Have you ever experienced one? An instance when God suspended the regular way that the universe functions to interject His activity?”

I pushed my curling iron away, Priscilla’s words tumbling around in my spirit. I clicked the off button and at the same time thought about my writing goals. Hadn’t God shown up in my life and performed miracles—even in my writing career? Why couldn’t I break out and get words published?

Your bed is too short, and your covering too narrow.


I heard Him. In His whispering way, I heard him loud and clear. My writing vision was too short and didn’t cover me. This was scripture, but what did it mean in context? I reached for a concordance, and found it in Isaiah 28:20.

Beauty cannot describe the meaning behind this passage of scripture where Isaiah reveals the grace miracle that would come. Jesus.

He’d become a foundation and cornerstone. His justice and righteousness would flow over us from head to heart in waves of mercy. Our appointment with death would be annulled.

Verse twenty’s meaning? Human effort is too short and too narrow. Without the interjection and activity of God in our writing, we can endeavor years and nothing happen.

Human effort is never ENOUGH

What do I need?

Work harder? Keep pushing? Never rest? No. I need His grace miracle. I need greater vision of who He is and what He can perform. I must settle for nothing short of intervention from the Holy Spirit every time I put words on paper.

I cannot make anything happen. It takes a visitation of God.


Here’s what I can humanly do. I can hold a sentence, a page, a chapter, a blog, a writing goal in my heart and pray:  “Use them, Lord. May Your reach be far and long. I need a supernatural intervention only You can deliver. Speak through my writing. Give it favor with men.”

What to do while waiting for publication, God’s time and season?  Write His words. Believe in the Source. Stretch your craft. Have faith. Lift your face to the Son and soak in His presence.


  1. Jenny Carlisle04-02-15

    Beautiful thoughts, Ann. Our prayer each time we write should be “Create in me a clean heart, Oh God.” If we provide Him a blank slate, imagine the miracles he can perform.

    • Ann McCauley04-06-15

      Yes, Jenny. Let’s do something! But only what HE is speaking to us to do. He’s at the helm. 🙂

  2. Avery04-04-15

    Enjoyed reading your post. We all need God’s grace 🙂

  3. Ann McCauley04-06-15

    Thanks Sheila. I appreciate you leaving a comment. Hugs, girl!

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