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Why I Write What I Write

14 Jun Posted by in Inspiration | 4 comments
Why I Write What I Write

I have friends. That is, friends who are not writers. They don’t think I’m crazy… just different. That ‘raised eyebrow’ when I start talking lets me know I’ve forgotten which group of friends I’m with. At first they tried to take everything I said seriously. Now, I get down on my knees to beg them to believe me. I hear bits of conversation about being ‘off in la-la land’ or ‘head in the clouds.’ Or just an eye-roll once in a while.

Evidently, not everyone has isolated conversations rolling around in their head. Or invisible friends that most children outgrow – if they had them at all. I do. I love those ‘inner’ friends. They’re almost as real as my flesh and blood friends. And maybe a whole lot more interesting. They talk to me and, at times, guide my whole storyline. Besides being interesting companions, they give me POWER. The police don’t come questioning me when one of them disappears, or send people in white coats with very long sleeves to visit me when I’m raving a little bit to these invisible people.

And that brings me to my subject. Why do I write what I write? Well, I don’t know. I want to say God has to do with all of that, and I know my creativity comes entirely from Him. Does he put the odd characters in my mind and have me treating them as real people or is that just a personality quirk of mine? Whichever it is, I’m not fighting it. Writing stories with Godly principles in mind is always a main goal. My problem is that sometimes, my characters lead me into darker waters. Is that a cop-out and not taking blame for my tendencies to wander from the plain path of sensible literature? I hope not, but wander, I do. Especially in my mind. In the actual writing, I do try to tone down the inclination to drift and meander into strange and exotic places. But it’s still the characters. They lead me where they want to go and I seem to have very little control. Besides, they’re much more interesting than I am. No one would want to read about me.

There are a number of subjects that I and the muses in my head refuse to be a part of. Vampires, for one. They used to be delegated to the darkness of old black and white Bela Lugosi movies. Not anymore. Nearly everyone seems to love the blood-sucking creatures these days. They’re everywhere. Me? I don’t like vampires. And that leads me to my next project: a cookbook. Garlic Recipes To Repel Vampires.

  1. Nichole Hall06-14-13

    Great post Rosie! I can relate to the part about forgetting which friends you’re with. And all these little quirks we, as writers, have. The tendencies we have because we are thinking about or talking to “others” is one only writers can understand. But I can not relate to you about the vampires! I love vamps 🙂

  2. Jenny Carlisle06-15-13

    Rosie, It is certainly great to have friends who understand us. The best thing to write is what YOU want to write. For me, it’s either write it down, or burst! So glad I got to know you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  3. Debbie Archer06-16-13

    Rosie rocks!
    Vampires bite.
    Writers hear voices
    And stories take flight!

    Great post, Rosie! Waving at you
    From the Ridge. My new character,
    Rigor says “hey.” :0
    If u can guess what Rigor does for a
    living I’ll bring u a prize!

  4. Ann McCauley06-17-13

    You did a great job of telling us why you do what you do, Rosie! Not an easy task–explaining how the creative mind works and while on auto pilot. Love your writing style. God has much for you to accomplish and contribute.

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